Python Editor not detecting file changes by VS

V6 PE file change detection

V6’s Python Editor’s file change detection doesn’t work after the currently loaded file is saved by Visual Studio 2015. I tested the detection by modifying files with

  • V5’s Python Editor
  • Notepad
  • Spyder
  • VS2015

V6’s PE will recognize the edits by all except VS until the file is saved by VS. Once that happens, and until the file is reopened, subsequent modifications by the other editors are also not recognized by V6’s PE.
Spyder does recognize changes by VS.

To prevent overwriting changes made in VS, when I switch to V6’s PE, I (try to remember to) close and open the file. (PE doesn’t have Revert in the File menu.)

Has anyone else run into this and have a solution or work-around?

Thank you,

Hi Steve,

Did this work any different in Rhino 5?

– Dale

Hi Dale,

This is a new feature in V6; V5’s Python Editor doesn’t autodetect file changes.

Hi @spb,

Yes I see this. I’ve logged the issue.

The issue stems from VS not changing files. Rather, it creates temporary files and then deletes the original file and renames the temporary file to the same name.

– Dale

WIP’s Python Editor still doesn’t catch file updates by VS. Will you please try another filter/event combo?

By the way, the file creation date doesn’t change after a VS save.

Thank you