Python class embedding geometry

I created a Python class, instances of which I pass around between GHPython components. These instances embed normal GH geometries, among other data. Currently, each component outputs a class instance, as well as the list of geometries as a separate output, such that the geometries are made visible. Is it possible to adjust the class, such that the geometries in the class instance can be drawn automatically, without needing to have the geometries as a separate output?

I was thinking I could add methods such as get_ClippingBox(self), DrawViewportWires(self, args) and DrawViewportMeshes(self, args), but I don’t know how what code to put into the DrawViewport methods to have the geometries visible. I know I could use CustomDisplay, but I don’t really want a CustomDisplay, I want the ordinary GH display in which Rhino objects and GH geometries are all visible.