Python API for spatial network analysis

Hi, I flagged this up on the Rhino/Python and Grasshopper forums and have thus been advised to announce it here too; hope that’s appropriate.

We have recently released a Python API to our (free) spatial network analysis software

sDNA computes a wide variety of closeness, betweenness, density, efficiency and severance measures on spatial networks using either angular, Euclidean or custom metrics and link, length or custom weighting. We have found correlations between these statistics and many things ranging from vehicle and pedestrian traffic to land values and even health and community cohesion.

I hope some of you will find it useful. The obvious application within this community is parametric design but I’m sure there are others. There are many networks out there besides roads and pedestrian ones - I tried modelling fish in rivers at one point but that’s another story!

Best regards, Crispin

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Yes, it is appropriate here. Thanks for posting this.