Python 3 re-installs on VMWare virtual machine on every boot

Hi all,

I’m excited to use the Grasshopper Python3 components in Rhino 8, SR 8.7+

However, we use virtual machines that reset most of the computer upon reboot.

This makes Grasshopper re-install Python 3 within the Python component every time I re-open Rhino/Gh and drop the Python component to the canvas.
Screenshot 2024-05-16 at 7.20.16 AM

Where are all the relevant Python 3 files installed for Grasshopper upon first install and initialization?

My IT department can allow-list some directories to be saved and remain persistent so it doesn’t have to reinstall every time, but I need to know where it all gets saved/installed to. (my guess is AppData but not sure)

Are any other related files stored in AppData directories or someplace we should keep persistent?


Hi Scott (welcome),

This previous post’s recommendations by @eirannejad may be helpful. Also, check out our documentation here.

Likely, the path you are looking for is: %HOMEPATH%\.rhinocode\py39-rh8

Hope that helps.

@sleinweber Ehsan also let us know… “Where python is initialized is configurable by the user (follow that link for config info). They can get the runtime setup once and move it to the desired location and configure Rhino to load from there, e.g. This can be added to their VM image alongside Rhino.”

great, that sounds like a good trick.

Also my IT folks also thought about freezing the VM image after clicking/installing the Python component (we’re testing this now).

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