Pyramid Bouncing


I am trying to make a ball traveling in space, bouncing within a pyramid
using python (grasshopper)
any hints?

You might look into this Grasshopper add-on:

I am scripting with python,
what i need to know, what is the logic of bounce when is the surface is inclined,
i guess its something with the surface normal
but i didnt got it yet

You can rotate the incoming ray/line/vector, about the surface normal at the intersection point, 180 degrees to get the bounce direction- is that what you are looking for?


it seem interesting, i will try it

but its not realistic,

do u know something with vectors operations

something or rule like; adding subtracting the normal vector reverse or something like that within the scriptsyntax ,
i am missing the math here

it seem like working, but not clear yet

I think it works,
thank you Pascal
thank you all