Pydev Remote Debugging Issues

Following others’ very helpful comments (thx. @Alain, @Angel, @stevebaer, @frist, et. al) I’m very close to getting remote debugging set up via eclipse & pydev.

My problem is that eclipse doesn’t reliable stop when it hits settrace(). The first time it runs on a fresh install, the remote debugger works, I can step through the script as expected. After the first run, the script runs without stopping at the settrace() or any breakpoints. I’ve confirmed the debug server is running, I’ve stopped and restarted it, etc. I can’t determine whether this is my own ignorance of eclipse, or if something is wrong in the setup.

I have followed the steps documented elsewhere on these forums and am having the same issue on 2 entirely different computers. I get code completion of rhinoscriptsyntax in eclipse, the rhino & grasshopper python editors both auto-complete pydevd.settrace(), so those steps seem to have worked. I get the one run of the debugger, so it seems that the port (5678) is set correctly, etc.

Has anyone else had this issue? I’ve gone through this twice now and would love to get it working. Thanks!