Puzzled on viewport settings

I need help figuring out how to achieve a certain look in render viewport view.
I currently have what is displayed in have.jpg…someone sent me file, and when I choose render view in the file that was sent to me, it looks like want.jpg. Is this a simple setting? How do I acheive the look in want.jpg? I have opened ‘properties’ for the render viewport options, and all the settings appear to be identical. Please help. Thank you in advance!

In Rendering tab, set the Backdrop to solid color rgb(160,160,160), Turn off the Skylight, set Gamma to 1.0.

Thank you very much, this fixed my issue!

Hello - may I ask why you changed the Rendered viewport rather than switch to a Shaded viewport? Do you also want the full renderings to look like this? The settings changed as you did will affect the full rendering.