Puzzle Cube 5X5X5

Movement is insert horizontally, slide down into the peg hole – locking it in except for upward movement, which once placed in the lower half will be locked in.

I have to make the two entire pieces a puzzle though

hey Lorraine, as I mentioned on our call yesterday-

here are links to the lev 1 and lev 2 classes- I think they will help you a lot.

Imperial Poster Puzzle.3dm (2.1 MB)
I am trying to utilize the command CurveBoolean on the squares to morph them into the curve but it doesnt seem to work, please help?

What other options do I have to complete this action?

Thank you

Hi Lorraine - please in general send a file with the objects you are asking about and make your questions simple and clear - color the objects or use Dot to make lebels, or layers to clarify etc, In short do not assume we know what you are up to - we may guess wrong or do something else because it takes to long to figure out what you want.

That said, I think you want to BooleanUnion your objects.


Imperial Poster Puzzle.3dm (2.1 MB)
Hope this is better…

Thanks, perfect - so… like this



Not quite following, that appears to be a Boolean difference, first with the Red & Orange, then Orange & Red. You’ve had some experience with booleans, so thinking it might be something else?




No I need a two movement puzzle piece and it has to lock on the second move.


I tried Boolean difference and if you try it you will see that I am trying to make a hook at the end of the male piece so that the puzzle pieces do not come apart.


I tried the BooleanUnion command and all it did was join all the pieces but I need to extract space from the female piece and add a second movement to the puzzle piece.


It would still be able to slide out, whereas insert horizontally and dropping in will give it fixity.

Something like this

RE_PUZZLE.3dm (2.0 MB)