Puzzle Cube 5X5X5

I am trying to create a two movement puzzle piece on rhino after booleanunion on two seperate pieces that will then join together to create a 3 piece 2 movement on each piece puzzle cube. Trying to print in 3D and measurments cannot be any bigger that 5X5X.


Hi Lorraine - sorry- no idea what you are asking about, here. I need a file, or an explanation for 5-year olds…


Lol ok I will send my file. I am new to the forum how do I send my file, to an email as an attachment?

Hi Lorraine - you can drag and drop or paste images or files onto your post, or use the upload button:


Imperial Poster Puzzle.3dm (1.8 MB)

I hope this is correct

Hi Lorraine - I see your file, I’ve read your post - there is no question anyplace that I can see - can you describe what it is you need help with? Please be specific; there are several objects in your file, I cannot tell which, if any, I should be interested in.


Imperial Poster Puzzle.3dm (1.8 MB)

I have hid all the other designs and left the design/puzzle cube I am working on.

So the male piece is the piece I need to separate into two pieces and create a two movement on each piece so when those two pieces are placed together they create one cube piece and are then entered into the female piece with a two movement as down and to the side.

Each piece has to have 2 movements this is where I am getting stuck.


where is actually you real problem
1)Is it a problem to make the geometry ? In your file it seems there is a geometry!
2) Do you want to make an animation of the mechanism ? If it is that you need Bongo or Grasshopper.

If you want a generic way to make this type of mechanism it is surely best to work with Grasshopper where you can define size of different pieces, number of lock, placement of lock, shape …

Hi Lorraine -

There is an infinite number of solutions that would satisfy that requirement.
You’ll need to more strictly define the requirements to get any help that would be useful.
For example, you could just copy the same mechanism and apply that to the split top part…

Hi Lorraine,

It looks like you nailed it!

Are you now trying to make an additional puzzle out of the top along that line?

If that’s the case it’s not going to work, try making a straight cut (avoiding the nobs below) and use the L mechanism like you did on the primary engagement.

Here i split the Top and used Cap to close the open polysurface.

to keep it somewhat engaged you would need a notch.

You could do the a horizontal engagement like you did below as well. There are a lot of possibilities and not sure how you want to approach it. Tolerances are an issue when making a small notch. So really the L would be rotated, slide in and drop down.

Yes Japhy

I just need 2 movements on the spilt maybe something that goes in and turns.

I am not able to use grasshopper but eventually I will get to using it.


Oh ok Japhy could I copy and paste?
I would still need to trim the unwanted or voided space?


something like this would work, slide in, drop in

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There are a lot of ways to do this.

For future reference 18 Intricate Examples of Traditional Japanese Wood Joinery - Architizer Journal

I am not able to see it all can you zoom out a little please

That’s all there is. The other side would be a protrusion that slides in and drops down. The key being the vertical clearance of the peg and the distance down so that when seated the top surface will be aligned.


Japhy!! This is great! Thank you.
I’ve been trying to think of ways to create a 2 movement puzzle out of that one piece. This definitely helped with couple of ideas.

Now to be able to manipulate the puzzle pieces on Rhino… yikes :grimacing:


So one is higher than the other …. The movements are down and turn?