Putting together a swarm of Grasshoppers

I hope its OK to advertise work opportunities here. I couldnt see otherwise in the forum rules and apologize if this is not allowed.

I run a facade company, HQ is in Hong Kong with operations in Australia, Philippines, China and soon UK.

We have in house design teams in Hong Kong, China and Manila, we have a few Rhino / Grasshopper guys on board but with a couple of large projects coming up I want to expand the team.

We have worked with resources remotely based before using CAD and Tekla. in 2017-2018 we produced over 100,000 fabrication drawings using teams in China, Romania and India. These were subcontractors.

I will listen to proposals from Subcontract teams and also individuals. PM me your details.


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Hi Christopher, Im new to the forum, where do i find the jobs category?

probably delete this post, or recategorize it by editing the first post.

OK… found it

Please check your PM.