Putting Length value as dimension?[Solved]

Is it possible to put Length Value output as dimension annotation?

I just want to have the length of some points always visable, so when I point edit input curves, to use as keep out zone.

Usually the point I want is not directly alligned with World or C-Plane.

Currently drawing a line from point to point, then length to measure and text or annotation dot to put a number there.
While I’m thinking there’s probably a better faster way…

Updating the value would be a plus.
I just want a reference line and lock it so I don’t go beyond that point. But with the correct length on the line.

Thank you @RichardZ
Found this Curve Length Dimension! Thanks for leading to it.
It also updates automatically.

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Well, it lead to the solution anyway.=)

BTW, if you have a chance can you take a look at loft thread I have up?
Can’t seem to get a good surface using loft after editing by moving points.
Even STL surface output becomes dented…
It probably help if there was like a refit rail in loft command…
Often face this kind of dentend surface with loft and things go even worse after joining and trying to close.

Thanks! I put the V5 file there. maybe one post before.
Not in a hurry, just did a sweep2 instead to get the surfaces now.
But would like to know what I need to be careful of…