Put object name in text dot

Hi all,

Is it possbile to put the object in name in a text dot? It would be nice if this is possible for multiple objects at once.


With a script certainly. Would need to know where to place the dot - center of the bounding box or? Grouped with the object?


Yes! Exactly as you propose. Do you have something useful? Would be great.

What I try to do is unroll multiple surfaces with markings, the layer name and the object name as text. That is the main goal eventually. I’m now doing it by hand.


Sorry for the wait… Too many things going on here. Below is a script which will put object name and layer in a text dot and group it with the object.

AddNameLayerGroupObj.py (525 Bytes)

Something else you might find useful: a script from my library that’s a multi-object unroller. After the surfaces/polysurfaces, you can also select curves, points and dots (the prompt doesn’t specifically say dots, but they are accepted with points and curves, like with the normal Rhino command). Then all will be unrolled and spaced out on the XY plane.

MultiUnroll.py (7.4 KB)

HTH, --Mitch


Thank you Mitch, this is perfect! And really quick.


Mitch, addnamelayergroupobj.py isn’t working on meshes that I’ve named. Any ideas?
v5 here.
thank you

Yeah, simply that I didn’t include meshes in the list of object types accepted… don’t know why.

Here is a revised version that accepts meshes and block instances.

AddNameLayerGroupObj.py (533 Bytes)


Thanks Mitch! Not sure if it’s an option I haven’t seen yet in the script, but is there a way to have it just display the last branch of the layer tree (ex: 5 branches of sublayers, label gets quite long, I only care about the last branch)?

Also finally getting around to checking out Peter’sTools for this.

Yep… Here ya go…

AddNameLayerGroupObj_Ex.py (849 Bytes)

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