Put data tree to another list according to branch map index

Dear ALL

I’ve tried to put/replace data tree (with multiple items in each branch) into another list according to branch map index but when I’ve used Replace Path component I think that I have problem with search input function (not the same number of items as in the initial list to be replaced).

Additionally, when I’ve tried to use List Item component there are missed items in the output list if there is more than one in the input branch (main list to replace).

Looking forward for any advices to move forward. Thanks.

Sort data tree according path.gh (18.1 KB)

@AnnaAN, For some reason the inputs to memberIndex component is all null.

can you recompile the file, seems like internalise data didnot work properly

Assuming the member Index “Count” output is the same tree, as your desired result, here is a sample of how to sort them.

Not sure if you are comfortable with C#, but after sorting the Branches of the Domains as required branches, I used a C# to sort the DataTree to those sorted branches.
Sort data tree according path Modified SU.gh (11.5 KB)

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Thank you very much for your answer. Sorry for my late reply . Everything works perfect. I have basic knowledge of C# scripting but I have often problems with paths/branches in C# code so thank you again.