PushPull not exact

PushPull doesn’t work exact in this case:

The tangent point is not right when pulling the circular area.
Interestingly the main geometry was also made using PushPull, and there was no problem with the tangent point.

2024-05-29_PuPu.3dm (898.3 KB)

The selection is one planar surface, which means the command adds a planar segment to the cylinder.

Hi Charles -

Thanks for that example.
Rotating the circle or making a new circle created the correct geometry here. On the list as RH-82221 PushPull: Issue Sample

Didn’t have that idea, I’m always after aligned circles.
I get a good result when I rotate the whole geometry by x°, do the pull, and rotate back -x°.
Or scale 10x, do the pull, and scale 0.1.

RH-82221 is fixed in Rhino 8 Service Release 9 Release Candidate