Pushpull acting as Split Booleans

Hi, I am wondering if there is a possibility to use push-pull in R8 as booleans split rather than booleans difference? I finished my floor plan yet I want to split my floor into several different pieces for applying different materials. PushPull works great for creating holes (open to below), yet there is no way to quickly split the polysurface into several pieces. would it be possible to do other than curve boolean?

Basically split the purple slab into pieces by the curves on it in one go.

Extrude the curves then use BooleanSplit.

If you don’t need the results to be solid you can project the curves over the geometries and then use Face split to separate the 2 parts. The result will be the same as what you need.

If you need all to be solid Mitch is right, Boolean Split is the way