Push/pull surfaces - Fastest way?

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I’m wondering what would be the fastest way to make an hole into a solid? There is the boolean slit technique, but I don’t think it’s optimized. Such in Sketchup, when you simply push or pull the surface and it extrude it.

So my question would be : what kind of tool are you using to archive these 2 operations rapidly?

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to make a hole in a solid object, you could try using the MakeHole command (type the name of the command or via menus, it’s here:

[edit] sorry… just realized we’re not in the mac, or any particular forum… this screenshot may or may not be relevant [/edit]

draw a curve of the shape you’d like the hole to be… activate the command… pick the curve… pick the solid you’d like the hole in… choose a depth.

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Indeed makehole would do the work if making an hole. What would you recommend if I had to extrude a cube geometry into another solid?


i would say to try BooleanDifference

place the volume you’d like to subtract from your solid in position. (overlapping the solid etc)
call BooleanDifference
select the solid you’d like to subtract from. (then press return)
select the solid you’d like to subtract with. (you may want to choose ‘delete input’ in the command options)

the resulting object will now be the original minus your second volume.

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