Push pull playtime

I started with a single cube, and limited myself to push pull, inset, gumball extrude and move, and split face with curves. (used the new auto cplanes as well)

was pleasantly surprised how far I could go without any other tools at all. this was about 20 min of messing around with no preconceived plan or design… I just mashed stuff around until I found something I liked.

( no, I’m not an architect, nor do I have any resemblance to one)


Should do a video of this!


So, a Sketchup-like workflow is well possible, as it seems - but with nurbs!

100% yes.

this is part of getting some reps in preparation for just that.

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Reps…modeling…some people are going to be super disappointed when they see what we actually look like Kyle.

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ha! yes… I for sure have a face for radio.

video here-


Nice modeling! It is dreamy :slight_smile:

Hi kile, please add some rooms otherwise we can’t all fit in…

just push/pull a few more square feet, and we’ll have a party! :wink:

Ok buddy let me know when the party will be :grinning:

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