Push animation

Dear experts,
I found this animation being difficult to me. the small ball is moving straight, push the leg to swing. I tried many ways, but it doesn’t work. I sincerely hope you can give me some hints. Thank U!

Hi Justin-Yang,

Unfortunately Bongo has no collision detection. But some clever geometry (luckily you used a circle not an irregular curve) and our brilliant IK lend a helping hand.

Take a look at this model Justin-Yang.3dm (48.4 KB)
When it’s somewhat over your head, let me know.


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Hi Luc,
Everything is new and over-my-head to m
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-email-update for Bongo and I am wonderi
ng if collision detection will be in the new B
I guess this is an older post; so, I don’t rea
lly expect an answer, but it does involve a p
urchasing decision.
Thank you,


Bongo 3 will have collision detection. Here’s some examples from one of my WIP announcement posts.

Hi Mondoleo,

Indeed the current Bongo 3.0 WIP is able to animate a mechanism like Justin-Yang’s, without any “clever geometry”.
But you must realize 3.0 is still a WIP (Work In Progress), which means it is still under developed. When you own a Bongo 2 license key you can try out the Bongo 3 WIP for free. Licenses for Bongo 3 will only be sold when the product is released, which probably will still take a while.
Bongo 3.0 WIP 4 is available from here Rhino - Download - Bongo for Windows WIP


Thank you both for sharing this information. I am going to wait until Bongo 3 arrives.