Purpose of the "RunScript" type macro

A basic question about how macros work. I hope that someone can illuminate me.
Looking at my Alias table and see that most of my aliases consist of simple macros like de = ! _dupedge.
There are macros though that read RunScript followed by the name of the script in parentheses, like _-RunScript (CurrentModelInfo). Wondering why the difference? Is the script for Current Model Info too long to fit in to the Macro table and is therefore kept somewhere else?

Thank you.


From http://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino/basicmacros:

Why the _Underscores? These tell Rhino that the command which follows is in English (no matter what the language you are running Rhino in), which will make your macro “universal”. If you are running in English and don’t care, you can eliminate them in your macros if you wish, it will not affect anything else. Also:Why the exclamation point (!) ? This cancels any previous command that might be running for safety’s sake.