Purging Annotation styles that came from blocks

Inserting a linked block that has an annotation style not already in the current model adds the new style to the list in the current model.
Later, deleting the block instance and purging block instances and annotation styles won’t remove the style that came from the block insertion.

(8.0.22298.12305, 2022-10-25)

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My guess is a second Purge will be required.
The style isn’t unused until the block goes away.
Only after that is the style unused.

More purges don’t help.

I was able to make the files and document the steps to repeat the problem.


Thanks for reporting it.

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Dale just checked in a fix.
I’ll test it tomorrow.


RH-71294 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 25

Say you have a main file that you work in with blocks inserted. Is there a way to not have an annotation style brought into your main file with every block. This seems ridiculous to have every block inserted into generate a new annotation style in the main file. Maybe some users liking annotation styles brought in for every block, but I can’t see any use for them for what I do. They just make more of a mess.