Pump Based Facade

I want to simulate a dynamic facade that is moved/pushed by a pressure pump, similar to a balloon that opens or closes the facade then calculate the energy used to pump the ‘balloon’. However, I don’t know where to start. Can you guide me? Many thanks!

Hello - probably best to learn a bit about GH and Rhino first, then come back with more specific questions and an example file.


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You can search for “inflating geometry” or “inflatable facades” here on the forums and start looking through some of the solutions and example files that have been created.

Example 01

Example 02

If you actually are looking to have the façade “respond” to pressure changes you should probably look into Kangaroo

Kangaroo will let you solve for inflation/deflation of geometry, allows physics interaction, and more.

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Can not open the first file.

EllipseTest.gh (16.1 KB)
how about this file?

I still can’t get how to connect both of them, i want to make my facade open by the ellipse pump

Gedung Riset.3dm (142.9 KB)
Window Opening.gh (17.5 KB)
EllipseTest.gh (16.1 KB)