Puma - ArcGIS City Engine


Ive been exploring Puma more and more and finding it ever so useful. However, I have a couple of questions regarding the plugin and wondering if I can connect with the developers or anyone else involved in the making or using the app.

  1. The orientation/ shape/continuity of the initial surface seems to matter quite a bit in Puma.

Im using the Complete Streets:Street Start Rule Package as RPK in Puma. I wonder if there is a way to resolve this within the attributes somewhere. Or would that require a tweaking of the RPK in city engine?

  1. In CE, the rule is implemented on an input road centreline. However, in Puma, the initial geometry requires a surface or a closed polyline. Is that intentionally set within the plugin or could that be modified as well by changing the code?

Any response is much appreciated.

Hi Sid -
From the Food4Rhino page, it appears that the correct support forum is the following: ArcGIS CityEngine - Esri Community