Pulling curves to mesh via Kangroo solver

Hey @DanielPiker
Here is one for you. I am trying to make a bunch of lines follow some meshes. It’s like a routing problem. The meshes are just pipes formed around a bunch of polylines. I seem to be lost as the solvers all return a problem. Here is the file attached. I am okay with any solution as long as the origin and destination points are fixed and the network of curves is used for all the routing except the last and first bits between the origin and destination point and the network of curves.
Thank you
to Daniel.gh (17.3 MB)

I don’t get it. You have a lattice composed of very thin mesh pipes and a polyline that looks like a rat’s nest. And you now want to pull the chaotic polyline to the mesh pipes?

Yes exactly. The fine pipe mesh is like roads and the rat’s nest is basically just lines from the start point of different journeys to the end of the journeys. You can look at it from a different perspective though. Use the end points of the rat’s nest to start and end missions that would only use the center curves of these pipes like a classic path finding task.

This could be done with shortest walk. However your model has a lot of duplicate lines and the network of lines does not have intersections where the paths cross. I think cleaning up your network of lines would be the first step.

Martin, thank you for this idea. I actually deleted all duplicate lines and tried shortest walk after closing the gaps but the component did not handle this massive amount of points and links to search from and it just goes in an endless processing loop, so does network X and pretty much any graph search plug-in