Pulling corners without stretching

Imagine a rug on the floor and you are pulling up one corner. The X & Y dimensions of the rug don’t change nor does the effective area. I’m looking for the tool or a way to do the same thing with a flat surface and pull at one of the corners without changing the area of the surface. Is there a way?


Bend comes pretty close.
The start and end of the “Spine” are where you want the bending to take place.

Thanks John. I’ve been playing with that a bit and finding it a little awkward. I’ll keep at it.

Hi MIchael- surfaces are not very good at this- maintaining area- they are just too rubbery and stretchy. Most tools that do this type of thing accurately work with meshes.


On the Windows side of things, Grasshopper and the Kangaroo plug-in would be useful to check out for this.


Thanks Pascal. Nice simulations.

Sounds like those plug-ins are a ways out for OSX.