Pull Tool Error

Hello, I am trying to manually build a fillet on this box edge.

I used ‘Duplicate Edge’ on the corner of the box, to create two curves that were oriented on both side of the box using ‘Orient Objects: 2 point’. Then I tried to ‘Pull’ these two curves onto the adjacent surface so that they were truly intersecting the sides of the box. I got this message in the command line: “some of the results from pull may be out of tolerance”.

As a result I was not able to trim away the corner surfaces between the two ‘pulled’ curves. Does anyone know what the issue is? I tried upping the absolute tolerances for the model to .001, but this did not help.

Thank You!

Hi Justin - please post the file.


Cube Fillet.3dm (119.2 KB)

Hello - if you explode the object and trim the individual surfaces it ought to work.
For that particular case, I think the simplest surface is one like so:

Where all but the corner points are weighted at .7071 (sqrt of 2)


Excellent! Thank you :slight_smile: