Pull together helix

helix 1.3dm (389.4 KB)

I try to pull together the 2 open parts to the middle of the spring/helix so that it’s ring… I did try "cage edit’ and “bend” but that didn’t work. Has anyone an idea how to solve this?


Hi Ronald- do you want the helix to cross itself? Do you have a sketch of what you’d like that you can post?


if i understand right;
1- draw a circle
2- then type helix, but before doing anything look at the command line and click to “around curve”, then select circle, adjust desired turns and diameter

Yet another stab in the dark. I think I’m understanding that you want the 2 ends of the helix to cross back over and re-connect; sort of a Moebius-ish type of thing?

As @Blastered mentioned, Helix, Around Curve option. This time with a short, straight line. Then, Turns Mode, #Turns = X.5 In this case I don’t want a whole number, rather 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 etc turns. I chose 1.5. Then Adjustable Blend Curve w/Tangency @ both ends, and adjust until it’s close to matching the curvature of the initial helix. Join, Rebuild Curve (to get rid of residual/vestigial Join ends that want to make Pipe fail), then Pipe. If I’ve guessed/interpreted incorrectly, I won’t buy a Lottery ticket today.

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CCI24092015_0002.pdf (150.9 KB)

Ik hope this makes it more clear. Thank you for the assistance!! and sorry for the bad explanation

So you want the end to come back and touch the last coil (so the end of the spring is relatively “flat”) as in the image below?


It might work by editing the edit-points of the last round of the helix.
When you scale them in one direction, the end of the helix becomes more narrow.
If you do it in one step, the helix gets visibly bended, but if you scale in more steps (for example 4 steps for the last 4 quarters, it gets smoother. … It could look like that (just better):smile:

It works even better, when you apply the one-direction-scaling to the points of your edit-cage from the example above.
Make sure that you have a 3, 5, or 7 points in the direction you want to scale, so you can scale only the outer half of your curve. Looks like that:

Hi Ronald
In the attached file there is another method

Helix.3dm (2.5 MB)

Thanks for all te help!!! This evening I’m gonne try the solutions!!