Pull points, strange result

Guys is there a reason why pull points component moves my last point ? same with pull curve
See the image

Anyone had this problem?

could you please post your file with internalized geometries?

Here you go. Apologies, forget to add the file Point Pull.gh (24.9 KB)

If you would like to maintain the z-coordinate, you could do something like this: Point Pull_ME.gh (25.8 KB)
Canvas at 12;41;34

And Pull point projects the point on the surface like this:


the way “Pull” works is moving the point to the closest SurfacePoint, and to do that it moves along the SurfacePoint Normal

so despite your “to be pulled” point having Z=703 and the top of your pulling surface being at Z=703, your point is dragged toward the surface in direction of the surface normal, which is not horizontal (as @ME_Mark well explained :smiley: )

for instance, if you had a cilinder with same axis and height of your shape, the point would be dragged horizontally:

you can get a perfect horizontal projection (not pulling) in several ways, one among the many (for sure not the best performing one) is by pulling (yes) your points to the axis-line that generates your geometry, and then intersect the connection lines with the geometry itself:

Point Pull_Re.gh (35.1 KB)

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Thank you @inno and @ME_Mark
It make sense now. I will be able to find a way forward