Pull Mesh down

I only want this mesh to be pulled down to the middle like a membrane. Like the white line:
The red lines from the arch should be the anchors.

I tried it with kangaroo 2 bit I didn’t come to a solution.

Leichtbau.3dm (4.4 MB)
Membran.gh (33.0 KB)

Kangaroo works better with triangulated meshes. Instead of lofting the two arcs, you can loft the curves you divided for the anchors and then TriRemesh the surface. Furthermore anchors have to be coincident with some of your mesh vertices.

I also added an entwine component which makes data sorting a little easier.

Membran.gh (45.2 KB)


Thank you for your answer. but which kangaroo 2 version do you have.
When I want to open the file this message shows up:

Where can I download it from?

Hi @lauratraum12 - Kangaroo2 is included with Rhino - which version are you running? You may just need to update to a more recent service release.

I have Rhino 6; this is the message I get: “Rhinoceros 6.34 is currently the newest version available.” So there are no rhino updates for me

The problem is I didn’t have the TriRemesh component

This should work for you in R6
Membran_r6.gh (34.9 KB)


Yes thank you both sooo much this works very good.