Pull Gumball handles beyond viewport


I run into an inconvenient issue when editing (scaling) with gumball handles, If I pull a scale handle, I cannot drag beyond the viewport edge. However it would be efficient to be able to keep dragging even if my cursor goes outside the viewport. I think this is noticeable more than before (V5) since the scale handle extends the objects boundingbox.

I see there is probably an issue with there being no relation between the model and the cursorposition when outside the frame of a viewport, but could there not be an extrapolation of the cursor position relative to the model when outside the viewport. Some sort of mathematical extension of the viewport,


For a short time we had it behave better, but it got switched back…

You can still have the gumball keep its size - it is no longer the default but GumballScaleMode allows you to switch this.


Thanks Pascal,
so one didn’t remove that option totally, good to know! Could one create the same option to get rid of Extrude handles please? Honestly I don’t understand the development direction of Gumball…
In the case of Scale Handles there really should be better solutions than offering two suboptimal modes: One mode which doesn’t show all handles on objects cut off by the screen border and another which doesn’t easily allow using the objects bounding box for snappy scale operations. Attaching extrude-handles on a transform widget to me even make no sense at all.