Pull does not work

Just try to draw a point to the cube …
Untitled.3dm (44.3 KB)

thats not how pull works, you need a surface with a normal direction facing the point. a sphere would work since it has a normal direction showing into all directions. but in your example all surfaces of the cube face with their normals past the point.

a work around would be to move the camera to the position normal to the area you want the point to intersect with the cube, then use set clplane to view, then use project to cplane and draw a curve through both points then intersect with the cube. or use project with custom direction.

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Use ClosestPt for this…


if the closest point is where he wants the point to intersect then yes, but i guess that would be natural since on a surface with a normal facing the point the intersecting point would be anyway the closest point, so yes then rather use this.

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This was unexpected…
Ok, thank you all!