Pull control points to surface?

Is there a way to select the control points along one edge of a surface and project or pull them to another surface?

I have a hull half and a cambered deck and would like to get the top row of points of the hull (and that edge) to be right on the surface of the deck. Then I can trim the deck to the sheerline and not have to trim the hull and deck to each other.

I just found the ProjectGrips script from Helvetosaur and will try that but as he explains it may not work. Thanks anyway H!

Hi Jody - I’d Pull the hull edge to the deck, and then MatchSrf the hull to the resulting curve for position. Also, the V6 WIP will let you pull that edge to the deck surface directly.



Thanks Pascal,

I tried that ProjectGrips script and it was close but as H said the grips don't lie on the surface. I'll give you method a try.


The result of MatchSrf may not be within tolerance for joining depending on the relative shapes and structures the two surfaces.

What command does this? I can’t find it i the current V6 WIP.

Thanks for chiming in David. I’m more locked in on the hull shape than the deck shape so ended up rebuilding the deck from my hull edges. What makes this deck a challenge is that the hull is a double ender and I get a funny little ‘turtleback’ in the crown of the deck at the stern. I clipped a little flat on the stern to accept a backstay chainplate and let me finish the deck there without a singularity.

This thread has the method I use for creating a deck with a “master” deck section when the sheerline is fixed. Deck Method

Thanks David,

  Your method is brilliant and I had a go at it when you first posted here. Really out of the box thinking and I had to really stick with it until I got it to work for me. I also ran across it on Boat Design and have it bookmarked. I may give it a try on this present project for the double ender. It would be great if you could do a tutorial using one of those 'screen recordering' apps. I have the gist of it but would love to see you work though it in a recorded session.

Hi David - MatchSrf, in V6, has a ‘CurveNearSurface’ option - if On, then if you do not specify a curve that is already on the target surface to match to, the edge curve is pulled to the target surface and the match taken from there - watch the ‘Flip’ option in the dialog - if the Isocurve direction is not set to Preserve, then the match direction (G1, G2) may be wrong on the initial guess and you need to poke Flip.


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