Pufferfish mirror problem

I’m trying to script ‘mirror vectors,’ but it’s not working, what am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance for your response.

20181116 problem pufferfish 01.gh (31.0 KB)

Hi, I highly suggest downloading the Pufferfish example files. It has an example for every component. This way you don’t need to make a post for every component you use.

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Yes I did, but I cannot understand how to use it correctly.
When using the planes, I just actually do not know what I am doing wrong.

Let’s start with what are you actually trying to do? I don’t know how to explain more than the example. It either mirrors the list or actually mirrors the vectors with a plane and combines it with the input list. Looks like your vectors are flat on the xy plane, you cant use a xy plane to mirror in that case. Think about how the mirror component works.

This is from the examples.

mirrorCombVecs.gh (37.7 KB)

I am trying to do this, but then with the ‘pufferfish mirror tool.’

20181116 problem pufferfish 01re.gh (38.0 KB)

I don’t get what you want to do, if you are not trying to do what I attached then this tool isn’t right for your task. See my file, it mirrors vectors across a plane and combines them with the input list, it is very straight forward in its function. As I noted before you CANNOT mirror vectors on the xy plane with an xy plane, you will need something else like yz or xz. Think about how a real mirror works.

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Sorry for my confusing and unclear posts, I thought it was clear, but when I read my posts again I see I am missing clearity in my posts.

I am trying to mirror the vectors from one side to the other side. Every vector has its own plane, so, I thought I could use the ‘pufferfish mirror component’ to mirror each vector from each independent plane to the other mirror side of the original vectors.

However, due to my lack in understanding the tool, the vectors duplicate to each height as shown in the first image, including to the other side on the ground.

I tried to graft it and compose the data differently, but I cannot figure it out.

In this context, I am trying to understand in which different other ways I can use ‘pufferfish components,’ different from the examples.

I might be that I missed the example in the example file, but I cannot find a similar one. Or I just use the components incorrectly.

Do you know what I am doing wrong when trying to achieve as described at the beginning of this post?
Thank you for your patience.

If the vector is parallel to the plane, the result of the mirror operation will be the original vector itself. The same thing as doing nothing.

It’s not that.
You need to re-evaluate what you are tyring to do.
(Maybe you are thinking of the green “Y” axis of the planes as the reflection plane… it is not!)

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This is not the right tool for that. Mirror combine is for mirroring an entire vector set across a plane, not across multiple planes. In that case just use mirror.
mirrormirror.gh (16.0 KB)

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