Publishing RH and GH scripts

Hi Ehsan, is this likely to be fixed soon? Are there any work-arounds you could recommend? Many thanks :smiley:

There is a workaround. Run this C# script in the new script editor, when you have loaded rhino :smiley: This will download the Newtonsoft.Json from NuGet and will load into Rhino. The publishing should work after this is run

#r "nuget: Newtonsoft.Json, 13.0.1"
using Newtonsoft.Json;

I’m working on a fix for the bug

Hi Ehsan,

We are experiencing the same issue but unfortunately the workaround also didn’t work. (see screenshot)
Do you know how we can solve this?

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Hi @Victor_malek,

I’ve just replicated the solution @eirannejad suggested and it works on my machine.
Please close the project you’ve opened on your screenshot. Start a new C# file and run the code (I selected the last build from NuGet, 13.0.3).

Once downloaded, try opening and publishing the project again.


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Hi Pedro,

Thanks for the feedback - it works indeed! Thanks again,

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Hello @eirannejad,

I followed the instructions, and the result still returned me an error:

@wacdemic0206 It’s a known bug. Still working on it :smiley:

RH-75990 Publishing fails due to missing Newtonsoft.Json

Yeah, I found a workaround.

Before doing “#r “nuget: Newtonsoft.Json, 13.0.1”
using Newtonsoft.Json;”, I need to find the “Newtonsoft.Json.dll” file on my PC and copy-paste it into the Rhino folder.

Same problem here. I tried the workarounds, it didn’t work.
When I try to do “nuget: Newtonsoft.jon 13.0.3”, I get what seem to be an error :

And I still can’t publish the project, with error “Failed getting NETFramework reference assemblies”

Another dirty workaround: Copy Newtonsoft.Json.dll to C:\Program Files\Rhino 8\System.


I still get “Failed getting NETFramework reference assemblies” even with Alexander’s trick on an up-to-date Rhino and Win10. Any other workaround?

Did you check the version of your "Newtonsoft.jon " file? (It could be 13.0.3 or 13.0.1 …or other)

I’ve tried matching the version of the Newtonsoft.jon file and modifying the code: #r “nuget: Newtonsoft.Json, 13.0.1” to match the same version of that file, and this strategy works for me.

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I got it to work, thanks! For future reference, this is how:

  • I downloaded the last version (13.0.3) of Newtonsoft Json directly from their Github page. The DLL is in the ZIP folder under Bin/net6.0.
  • Pasted it into Rhino “System” folder
  • Launched Rhino in Admin mode (don’t know if really necessary)
  • Ran #r "nuget: Newtonsoft.Json, 13.0.3" in the Script Editor

As a side note @eirannejad, I noticed that the Publish window doesn’t let you save the project or publish if the build folder is not empty …

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That usually happens when you have a grasshopper dll built using the project and have that already loaded in Grasshopper. Windows does not allow deleting those dlls to the build process fails. I have a ticket to improve the messaging:

RH-77167 Improve error reporting on the publish plugin window

Thanks for the answer. To be clear I do not have Grasshopper DLLs in my project, only Python scripts.

Ok so are there any grasshopper files under the Grasshopper/ in the project?

No there weren’t any Grasshopper file or folder, the project only had Python scripts.
For some reason, I don’t seem to be able to “replicate” the bug for now. I’ll keep you updated if it happens again.

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