ptPanel3DCustom does not close the curve


(Kevin Mamaqi) #1


I created a surface using a sweep with two rails, and an ellipse as a curve. I’m trying to panel an object in that surface so I used an offset of the points (previously divided the curve) and the problem is that the curve does not close when using the Panel#dCustom command. See the picture.

It does not close in the end nor along the ellipse.

What can be the problem?


Impossible to say without seeing your code.

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My bad, wrong forum. This is without grasshopper.


(Rajaa Issa) #4

Not wrong forum :slight_smile:
You just need to wrap the grid to give enough unit grids to cover the whole surface. Use ptCloseGrid (page 61 of the manual:

(Kevin Mamaqi) #5

Thank you!