ptCell component displays Meshes with 2 faces

Hello Rajaa, All,

The output of the ptCell component (M) indicates the 2 faces are generated out of single cell ?
Is this the expected behavior (information display) ?
Not sure I am able to locate these 2 faces as the faces do not appear triangulated when displaying valence 2 edges of the joined faces…

Model enclosed.

JeanChapiteau in (33.0 KB)

In general, if the mesh cell is not planar, instead of a quad, 2 triangular faces are generated, but joined to make one mesh. You can see the triangulation clearly in the following, but I think GH displays a mesh as a boundary, so you cannot see the triangular faces outline?

I understand… so to generate a non-planar quad, one would need to turn to the ‘generate face’ component and subsequently generate a ‘simple mesh’ from face for example ?

(I am working with the grid pannel tools as ways to create and generate meshes from surfaces as basis for Kangaroo optimisation).

Also, curiously, when I display valence 2 edges out of the triangulated mesh, I get no result out of the component …