Pseudo Make2d with Layout and Detail views

I’d like to automate this process:

Select object(s) in model view.
Click a button to:
(1) Create new paperspace layout with default settings (incremented name, A3 paper size, 4 details)
(2) For all 4 details, _hideindetail all unselected objects
(3) Zoom to object in all details (even better, round down to nearest standard scale, e.g. 1:25, 1:20 etc)
(4) Set all details to Technical display mode

Has anyone done anything like this?

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I can’t remember the correct name but I know there’s a commercial plug-in that’s able to do this and lot more. It can cost around 100€…

try to google it


There is a plugin Grasshopper. You can make automatic stuff…
Search for it and see what you can find.

FYI, there is a plugin, it is called Detail Prints for Rhino and it is listed in the Resources tab on the site. It costs $25 and it is worth it.