PSA - Repair, don't Reinstall

There are a large number of people that think Uninstalling and Reinstalling Rhino is a good all-purpose “fix-it” tool.


Reinstalling Rhino only replaces the files that are missing from the original install. That’s it, nothing more.

If the problem is caused by some Windows tool like a redistributable C++ utility, .NET, etc, is damaged or the wrong version, then a Reinstall is also a waste of time since if the damaged tool is present, reinstalling skips it.

Repairing” an application using Control Panel > [select the application] > Change > Repair, reinstalls all of the required tools EVEN IF THEY EXIST. Don’t be surprised when Windows needs to restart after a Repair.

If the problem is caused by a bad setting or configuration, then the fix may be a little more elusive.

As you were…


What about formatting C:\ and doing a good old clean install of Windows? :smiling_imp:

I haven’t had to do that since Windows 7.
That said, sometimes flushing the toilet isn’t a bad idea.