Proxy Scattering in Octane


I’ve been trying for a day now to get several orbx proxies to scatter along the normals of a surface. After initial failure, i boiled it down to the most basic setup: one proxie, one flat surface, only one transformation (translation). The Grasshopper preview looks fine, all items are oriented and aligned as i want to. The resulting transform matrices as well as the csv file that i write from grasshopper also look good to me. Unfortunately the rendered image is off by 90º along the x axis (and y i think). Does octane work in a different coordinate system? Did i miss something obvious? Did i screw up my presets somehow(working from a rhino6 template file to make sure its not the file)?

It would be great if someone could give me a hint. I’m a bit lost concerning where to continue looking…

everything is stacked along the z axis, even though the matrix has no translation in z direction

in standalone it looks the same:

the csv file: transform.txt (3.8 KB)

I am sure to solved this a long time ago - however, yes, you would need to rotate the geometry in the ORBX file with a Placement node to have it point in the right direction, as Y is up in Octane.