Proximity 3d topology output

How do I create a tree, in which each branch will contain a pair of closest curves, using proximity 3d topology output? Can’t wrap my head around it. (10.9 KB)

You have 2 choices
Or just put a 1 in the proximity component and no distance.

You will have
Point 0 near 11
Point 2 near 8
and also
Point 11 near 0
It is easy to cure if needed

Or just use Point Groups ! (14.7 KB)


I forgot about Point Groups! Thanks!

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You could use CrvProx (Curve Proximity), but each pair (branch) is duplicated, of course. (19.2 KB)

Thank you Joseph! Yes, duplication was the main problem with my own solutions each time…

Cull duplicate branches? (17.8 KB)

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:slight_smile: Great workaround! This forum is amazing as always!