ProRender w/ AMD - black frame & center hole

Curious if anyone else has seen this square show up in their renderings? image

Same thing shows up when I change a viewport to “ProRender” mode. The very first pass (grainy) does not have the black/gray, but successive ones do.


Do you have the materials/rendering panel open while rendering? This may be the source of the issue. ProRender does not like multiple renderings occurring at the same time. The previews for the materials and environments are running in those panels. If you close those panels and then start your render you should be fine. I’m currently talking with AMD about how to resolve this issue. If that doesn’t solve your problem please let me know.



The black frame showed up even with the properties panel completely closed.

However, I got the frame to go away by UNCHECKING the CPU as a device to be used by ProRender. image

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