proRender: CPU usage crazy high without doing anything


When rendering with proRender, sometimes CPU usage stays crazy high. Even though all renderings are finished and all Rhino windows are closed, as can be seen in the attached screenshot:

No idea, why this is the case - happens constantly, can’t say yet when exactly, but it seems to happen when multiple renderings are saved IDK…

also seems to be the case with the Windows version of Rhino.

The macro, that I am trying to create, seems to be a consistent cause of this (however not the only one):

Wish: Batch render snapshots, named positions, etc - Rendering - McNeel Forum

Here is a reproducible case:

With this super simple file

batchTest.3dm (3.2 MB)

run this macro once

-_LayerStateManager _Restore "A" _Enter _Enter
-_SaveRenderWindowAs "/Users/USERNAME/Desktop/batch_001.png" _Enter
-_LayerStateManager _Restore "B" _Enter _Enter
-_SaveRenderWindowAs "/Users/USERNAME/Desktop/batch_002.png" _Enter
-_LayerStateManager _Restore "C" _Enter _Enter
-_SaveRenderWindowAs "/Users/USERNAME/Desktop/batch_003.png" _Enter

and let it finish (set render quality low, so that one does not have to wait too long). Meanwhile look at CPU usage. It goes up, as the rendering is initiated, but it does not go really down after everything is finished. It seems to stay this way forever…

@Joshua_Kennedy, can you reproduce this?

i tested the same thing using Cycles and there is no issue…

I’ve got a bug logged and will investigate further.

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A new version of ProRender is available on the Package Manager with this issue resolved. Let us know if you see anything else.