ProRender Change Viewport resolution

Is there a way to change the DPI of the interactive viewport of ProRender?

Currently it is always rendering the viewport resolution, however usually that is way too high for some tests and interactive workflow… Obviously, one can decrease the viewport size, but then the picture gets super small.

Same question also goes for the Cycles Renderer… (@nathanletwory?)

Cheers, Rudi

For Raytraced this is possible since 7.6.

In the Cycles section of preferences you can find two sliders to play with, towards the bottom:

Sharpness is the ‘pixel size’, responsiveness does progressive resolution refine towards the viewport resolution divided by the pixel size set in sharpness.

For ProRender you’ll have to poke @Joshua_Kennedy .

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awesome updates!!! thank you

There is currently no way in ProRender to control that but I’ll add similar responsiveness controls to ProRender. Thanks for the feedback.

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Awesome! ProRender already feels very fast, but that would add a lot of responsiveness :heart:
Thank you guys!

I forgot to update this post last week. The current version of ProRender ( has the sharpness and responsiveness options available in the plugin options.


would love to see what device/gpu you are using :sweat_smile:

@Joshua_Kennedy maybe the device you redacted is the new PRO W6800? If so, you could let us know since it is officially released now. Maybe you used the color blue intentionally :thinking: