Property tab width issue

I find it really annoying that the width of the columns resets all the time.

It would be nice if the width was saved with the file.

Can you please provide more detail?
Does this happen with a specific tab and column arrangement or several?

We need a specific example to follow that reproduces the problem so we can log a report and get it fixed.

A small sample file can be helpful too.


I’m baking a lot of geometry with Elefront and the bake name has a relatively long key, but a short value. The Rhino file attached to this post is a simple test file with a cube and a long key in the attribute user text…

20_08_22_tab_width_issue.3dm (32.9 KB)

Have you tried this in V7?
The developer thinks this may have already been fixed there.


It works fine in V7. There is another tab after the Value tab, without a name. Takes up space for no reason. Could probably be removed. Has been mentioned elsewhere already.

Will the tab width issue be fixed in V6 or do I have to start using V7 for everything?

Some of my plugins do not work in V7.

I added a bug report for the developer to take a look.


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The additional column is the FX column. Add a text function to that object and you’ll see an icon appear in it. This is a new feature of v7 user text that identifies when a User Text value is powered by a text field function.

As to the auto sizing, it will likely remain the way it is in v6 as it is or is not broken depending on which user you ask. Some want it to always auto size while you yourself do not for this case (understandable). This means some additional code would need to be added to host a on/off for the autosize, this is definitely trivial but probably not in the scope of v6 maintenance at this point.1331

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