Properties window: match button has an ambiguous german translation

Hi @thomas,

I have noticed that a lot of german Rhino users click unnecessarily on the match/uebernehmen button, after they change some settings in the properties window. I assume they do this because the german translation is Übernehmen (similar like the english word confirm).

To prevent this false user bahaviour my suggestions are:

  1. translate the button to e.g. “Übertragen” (engl. transfer)
  2. (optional) reduce the button size
  3. (optional) place it not at the end of the window



From your example it looks like “Übernehmen” was an inaccurate choice for both “Adjust” and “Match”. I don’t understand why you would suggest a german equivalent for “transfer” when there surely must be a german word for exactly the same concept as “match”. Also for “adjust”.

I’m not a german speaker, so perhaps there is more to it.

As I understand the match button, it transfers the properties of one object to another.

You are quite right, but to me there is a directionality issue involved. “Transfer” doesn’t imply a direction; it can go either way. Since the property window is displaying the properties of a selected object, the word “match” implies that the selected object should take on the properties of a different object.

Since the Rhino english user needs to learn from experience what “match” actually means in practice, surely the german user could do the same for “Übertragen”, but I was just thinking there must be a german word that implies the direction as well. Or maybe in german “Übertragen” does exactly that. You’d certainly be a far better judge of that than me.

I would say that Übertragen goes the wrong direction.

Hi Wim,

“Übertragen” means copyiing/transfering/matching the properties from one to another object, that these two objects match in the end.

“Übertragen” was just a suggestion, copying/transfering/matching are all good, but the current “Übernehmen” doesn’t get the point, a lot of people think they have to confirm their changes.

What word would you like?



If a Duch guy may chime in.

How about “harmonieren” or “annehmen” or “adoptieren”

  • Der Wilhelm

Hi Willem,

good tries, it seams that Dutch is similar but not equal to German. :wink:

This is what comes to my humble mind for:

  • “harmonieren”, like a couple or it has something to do with sound
  • “annehmen”, it’s like confirming, which is here the problem
  • “adoptieren”, mostly used for children

I think we have to wait for the judgement (day) of our official german translator @thomas

Prost, die Krüge hoch zum Oktoberfest :wink:


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Hi @Michael_Meyer, I am ccing @Joachim_Kuntz, the new German translator, so that he can fix this linguistic bug. Thanks for reporting it!

Hi Noemí,

thank you very much. Have a nice day



I’m Joachim, the new German translator at McNeel Europe.

After comparing with the Spanish translation of ‘match’, which is ‘igualar’, I’d like to propose ‘angleichen’ in German. As it seems, Michael does not agree and prefers ‘übertragen’, which I think implies too much of a directional “from…to” meaning.

Any suggestions out there?