Prong Specs for large diamond

Hello, I am designing a ring for the first time. I am trying to learn on my own but having a really hard time finding technical guidance when it comes to stone setting. Can anyone guide me here?

Hello VR Queen,

There are a good many excellent resources for learning about the technicalities of gem setting and jewelry design [ that all need to be in sync. ; in this case the ring / prongs / gem (s)]. Perhaps you have a sketch of it ? Irrespective, I would touch base with those you plan to work with to make the ring [Assuming you are not planning on making the ring from scratch.]. In either case you need to know the abilities / limitations / strengths of the machine process, the [ I assume precious metal] you are going to use, it’s composition e.g. .925 sterling silver or 14 or 18K gold and the type, size, cut and number of gems you are going to use. So I would please suggest 1st update this post stating a detail of these matters with as much information as you can. Last but not least, is this a ring for a man or for a woman or unisex?

Assuming you are working with a group to make the ring I would not be surprised if most of the technicalities get answered via this path.

Thank you,


p.s. I am simply wondering does the ring have simply single central gem[ diamond] ? or not and if not it would be nice to know all about them to. Perhaps more developing a beautiful design and you bring out the best in the gems.