Projection of a point on a line and other basic operations

hello everyone.
I want to do some simple projection and intersection operations, and I would like to find a simpler system.
for example, i want to find the perpendicular from a point to a line, and then the foot of the perpendicular.
And I would like this to work for any line in space from any point in space, not belonging to the line.

I found a solution that works in the case where the line lies on the XY plane and the point is any, but I am not sure if it works in the other more general cases.

project a point on a (13.9 KB)

Does anyone know how to do this in a simpler way? and also for this kind of operation are there other faster procedures?


I would use Curve Closest Point if you are sure the perpendicular will fall on the Line:

project a point on a (18.6 KB)

otherwise I’d go for something like this:

project a point on a (16.9 KB)

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thank you @inno.
The first solution it’s ok but it’s a particular case.
The second it’s ok, but why did you use the reverse command? in my opinion i think it isn’t necessary, because i saw that line intersect themselves in both directions.

Anyway that’s cool. :facepunch:

you’re right :+1:

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Anyway It’s quite tricky working with planes.
I made several attempts, but I hadn’t really thought about this solution!

your final solution.

project a point on a (10.3 KB)

Maybe there are other ways?