Projecting text onto surface issue

I have a strange behavior using the srfMorph. Im fitting a text into a box.

If i use a flat rectangle it works fine without issues. But here im using a surface from a lofted object where the Z is not the same for all points of the surface i am mapping to.

If i use the (non-flat) rectangle, the text outline goes outside the box! If i use an offset from the rectangle, the text is flipped (but i checked the points which are the same)… Im lost…

How do i unflip the curve (i know i could rotate it but feels like a hack - not elegant.)?

text framing or oriented (23.1 KB)

Thanks for your help.

The target surface is trimmed , you can recreate it than use Map to surface.
shift list points to change text direction
scale bounding box to change text size

text framing or oriented (15.3 KB)

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Thanks @anon39580149, my first attempt was with MaptoSurf but couldn’t manage the Target part…

Thanks very very much!

So i added a fillet to the shape from where the frame is extracted and now the text is flipped mirror way!

If i shift the list by 4 instead of 2, the text is only flipped on the x axis instead of xy, but i couldn’t find the right offset to get the text to orient correctly.

The solution was adding “reverse list” after discontinuity and plug that directly into Polyline. Almost asked for help! :slight_smile:

It’s better if you post the final file ; you posted a simple example and there are many solutions but maybe you have another case which need a new solution

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Gosh, so embarrassed i put this reply in the top board :frowning: instead of the reply here! No idea how i got mused into that! Appologies!

Well, being on holiday from my regular work (IT storage engineer) to work on my cnc and this ever longer knife project; so, i needed to spend time to review my model piece by piece (each day a major improvement) - I found out i had ‘bug’s’ or missing “capping” early in the model when i split a capped loft but missed the step to recap (and remove previous cap) which caused cascading issues. After i capped the volume from of which the ‘text’ face was extracted from… and now it works (although im sceptical about the fillet black thingies in the picture below)!

Otherwise i had open breps and couldn’t figure out why i couldn’t do boolean diffs. But i finally isolated the issues while making an example file to post… Re-simplify the 5th time this week - i wouldn’t learn GH if i didn’t try this myself and just expected the easy answers - almost posted 3 questions on the forum but managed to rethink my approach when describing the issue! :roll_eyes:

In brief the orientation of the surface coming from the discontinuity function/module is shifting the face orientation depending how i affected the model upstream! And if i use a hexagon or an octagon, i have a bit of face finding and list shifting from the disc. function to orient the text/graphic right in relation to the knife’s handle. Adding a second surface (1 more item slider connected to the list item that selects the face) also i causing problems but challenge for later - i did what i needed to do which is control it!

aha, noticed i need a fillet for the inside box! :slight_smile:
Thanks for the subtle insight @anon39580149 :wink:

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