Projecting surface with its contour on surface


I have a huge surface (with well deformed bottom part) on which I should position stickers. The problem is that stickers are getting quite deformed, so I’d like to visually control the deformation.
I can use the stickers contour and shift it back and forth from the surface and see which projection causes less stretch. But I’d like somehow to see not just the contour on the surface but also the actual image of the sticker so I can best visually estimate the deformation.
Any ideas how to deal with it? thanks as always

Hi Alex- please post an example if you can, thanks.


Hi Pascal,

sorry for the delay. The project is confidential and I will have to do something similar in order to show the idea here.

Anyway, I think I’m getting closer … However, I have a surface with mapped sticker/texture that works visually well. I then trim off the surface outside the sticker and convert the resulting patch to mesh. Using then _squish I have my patch flattened including its texture (what is the most important). I would like to know if the sticker has really been “welded” with the mesh during _squish (if the _squish works equally well on mesh and its mapped texture) and I can rely on the newly generated sticker, or not really?

thanks for helping!

Hi Alex - I am not sure I understand the question but if you are asking about the accuracy of a texture on a mesh after Squish (?) I believe it does a pretty good job but you’ll have to experiment.


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