Projecting photogrammetry on a surface


in order to create an interesting surface texture - I would like to “project” a photogrammetry scan onto a surface.

I changed the scan to a polysurface - but now I’m!stuck.

It seems that FlowAlongSrf needs an plane basesurface - which I do not have.

Looking forward to your replies,

make the plane surface under the mesh. that’s your base surface, then you can use FlowAlongSrf

tried that - but the mesh (which is a polysurface to be accurate) is not flat on the bottom.

no problem. just make the surface as close as possible to the mesh. the command will take the distance from the base surface to the mesh and extrapolate it to the target surface… or something like that.

Extract points from mesh
Make patch from points
Flatten patch (smash)
Flow along surface
(On phone here so can’t show :slight_smile: )

To create a base surface for flowing:

Rotate the mesh so the sides are parallel to grid axis.
ExtractPt to extract the mesh nodes.
PlaneThroughPt to create an average plane though the mesh.

This is similar to Holo’s suggestion but the plane is obtained directly.

thanks for the tip with the patch. but instead of working with smash, I flowed directly and used “Plane”.