Projecting open pit quarries with Rhino?

Hi… I’m a civil engineer… I work on planing of open pit quarries…

My starting point is a 3d model of a virgin soil or an already excavated quarry. The model is made with total station and/or drone and/or google earth and/or topographic maps.

From this initial ground I have to design the mining operations to reach the final configuration I expected. The operations are principally excavations, creation of roads and “benching” for the subsequent environmental recovery. Completed the “geometric design,” I must be able to tell how much material is excavated and produce plans and sections of the various stages of completion.

Is Rhino the right software according to the needs I described above ?

How ? I need addons ? Any tutorials ?

Kubrix -’-manual
and RhinoTerrain -

is what comes to mind here, apart from Rhino itself.


Can Rhino itself do all the work without addons ?

Kubrix seems to have a free version.
RhinoTerrain seems to have even no trial version.

Im a newbye of all these packages… where I can find a starting point (maybe a tutorial) for my needs ?